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What is a Backyard Breeder or Bad Breeder

I am frequently asked what a backyard or bad breeder is.  I wrote this article to answer those questions and to help educate those looking for Bengal kittens so they can identify the behaviors common to backyard or bad breeders.

For those who do not understand what a bad breeder/backyard breeder is, here is a list. I could add more but I hope this helps those of you who don't understand. 

A backyard or bad breeder is someone who does ANY of the following:

Mistreats their animals.

Neglects their animals.

Fails to get proper medical care for their animals.

Ships/provides sick animals.

Does not stand behind their animals when it's a problem that originated from their cattery, kennel, etc.

Doesn't have a signed contract with customer and charges boarding fees or other fees not agreed to.

Has a signed contract with customer and changes any part of the contract without agreement of the customer.

Charges customer additional costs for the animal without agreement of the customer.

Advises customer feeding protocol that causes animal to have health issues and does not take responsibility for the bad advice.

Takes thousands of dollars from customer, never ships animal and refuses refund to customer when they ask for it.

Changes shipping dates of animals to an earlier date without agreement of customer, causing an unnecessary hardship to the customer due to unpreparedness and then charges the customer for it.

Agreeing to cover medical costs of an animal that arrived sick from them, but never paying the bills they agreed to.

Lies about the health status of their animals.

Does not disclose the origins of their animals, its parents or living conditions to the customer, allowing them to think it's from them.

Allows kittens to be taken from their mother prior to 12 weeks of age.

Sends kittens to new home without spaying or neutering them first.

Allows other bad breeders/backyard breeders to breed their kittens with no experience, mentor or contract requirements to guarantee the health of their cat or kittens.

Does not do genetic testing on their breeding animals prior to breeding them.

Doesn't know what genetic tests are required for their breed to ensure healthy cats and kittens.

Breeds unregistered cats and sells them as purebred without registration papers.

Raffles kittens off as prizes.

Allows newborn to lie on concrete floors with no blanket or heating pad.

Backyard or bad breeders are not just people who mistreat animals. They are also people who knowingly take advantage of people and defraud them of money.

If anyone you are considering getting a kitten from engages in any of the above activities or similar activities, they would fall into the category of a bad or backyard breeder.

There are so many good and ethical breeders who do none of the above that there is no reason for you to settle and choose to go with someone who does any of these things. 

I hope this helps you make the right choice when selecting a breeder you want to get your kitten from.